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Discover Wissinoming, PA: A Historic Neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia

The Whistleblower Advocates: Proudly Serving Wissinoming

At The Whistleblower Advocates, we take pride in serving the vibrant community of Wissinoming, PA. Our dedicated team of whistleblower lawyers from our Philadelphia office is committed to ensuring justice and integrity for the residents of Wissinoming and the surrounding areas.

A Glimpse into Wissinoming’s Rich History

Wissinoming, located in the Near Northeast section of Philadelphia, is a neighborhood steeped in history and charm. Originally the site of locomotive builder Matthias Baldwin's estate, Wissinoming was named after a Lenni Lenape term meaning "where the grapes grow." The neighborhood’s historical roots are reflected in its physical boundaries, with Mayfair to the west, Tacony to the north, Bridesburg to the south, I-95 and the Delaware River to the east, and Frankford to the southwest.

The Transformation of Wissinoming Creek

Wissinoming Creek once played a significant role in the area, draining a watershed that included the main stream and a tributary known as Little Wissinoming Creek. In the 1930s, the creek was buried, marking a significant transformation in the landscape of Wissinoming. Despite these changes, the neighborhood has retained its historical essence, providing a unique blend of past and present.

Education in Wissinoming

Wissinoming is home to several educational institutions that cater to the needs of its young residents. The neighborhood has two public elementary schools:

  • James J. Sullivan Elementary School: Located at Ditman Street and Sanger Street.
  • Henry W. Lawton Elementary School: Situated at Ditman Street and Benner Street.

The boundary line that determines which school a child attends is Howell Street, with students on the south side attending Sullivan and those on the north side attending Lawton. For middle school, students typically attend Harding Middle School on Torresdale Avenue in the Frankford section, while Frankford High School on Oxford Avenue and Wakeling Street serves as the neighborhood high school.

Recreational Spaces and Community Parks

Wissinoming is widely recognized for its expansive green spaces, particularly Wissinoming Park. This large park, with entrances at Charles Street and Comly Street, Charles Street and Cheltenham Avenue, and Frankford Avenue and Comly Street, offers a serene escape for residents and visitors alike.

In addition to Wissinoming Park, the neighborhood boasts two playgrounds:

  • Moss Playground: Located at Torresdale Avenue and Cheltenham Avenue, home to the Moss Eagles.
  • American Legion Playground (Devereaux): Found at Torresdale Avenue and Devereaux Street, commonly known as Devereaux by locals.

Community Safety

The safety of Wissinoming is overseen by Philadelphia's 15th Police District, located at Levick Street and Harbison Avenue. The dedicated officers of the 15th District work diligently to ensure the well-being of all Wissinoming residents, maintaining a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Serving the Wissinoming Community

At The Whistleblower Advocates, we are committed to providing exceptional legal services to the residents of Wissinoming, PA. Our team understands the unique needs of this historic neighborhood and is dedicated to protecting the rights of whistleblowers within the community. If you have witnessed misconduct or need legal advice, contact us today. We are here to support and advocate for you, ensuring that justice prevails in Wissinoming.

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