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Our team of experienced Philadelphia Whistleblower Lawsuit Attorneys has helped hundreds of whistleblowers obtain millions of dollars in compensation. If you feel like you may qualify as a whistleblower, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Our consultations are 100% free and confidential.

What is a Qui Tam Action?

A qui tam action allows whistleblowers to file suit against companies they believe are defrauding Medicare or Medicaid. If the government chooses to pursue the case, it may award the whistleblower part of any money recovered from the company.

What Type of Actions are Covered Under the Pennsylvania Whistleblower Law?

If you believe you were fired or demoted because you reported illegal activity or violated company policy, you may qualify under the law. This includes reporting violations of federal securities laws, health care fraud, environmental crimes, and many others.

  • Healthcare Fraud

  • Government Contract Fraud

  • Construction Project Fraud

  • Education Industry Fraud

  • Financial Industry & Mortgage Fraud

  • Environmental Fraud

  • Nursing Home Fraud

Legal Protection for Whistleblowers

If you feel like you may be a victim of retaliation from your employer, you should consider contacting us. Our team of attorneys has extensive experience representing whistleblowers across Pennsylvania. We offer free consultations and we don’t charge any fees unless we win your case.

The Importance of Consulting the Right Philadelphia Qui Tam Whistleblower Attorney

Our team has worked with many whistleblowers who have come forward with information about fraud against the government. These cases have included allegations of Medicare/Medicaid fraud, Medicaid fraud, federal healthcare program fraud, Social Security Administration (SSA) disability fraud, SSA retirement fraud, IRS tax refund fraud, IRS tax return fraud, IRS income tax evasion, IRS criminal tax violations, and Department of Defense (DoD) fraud.

Handling Whistleblower Qui Tam Actions in Philadelphia

Our team has handled hundreds of whistleblower cases throughout Pennsylvania. If you think you may have information about fraud against the government, we encourage you to contact us today.

Healthcare Fraud Healthcare Whistleblower Lawsuits

If you believe you were harmed by healthcare fraud, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the doctor or hospital responsible. Call The Whistleblower Advocates at (833) 310-3147 for a FREE, confidential consultation.

What is the Statute of Limitations on a Qui Tam Lawsuit for Whistleblowers?

If you believe someone has defrauded Medicare or Medicaid through fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement, you may be able to file a qui tam lawsuit against them under the False Claims Act (FCA). This federal law allows whistleblowers to sue on behalf of the government and receive a share of any recovery.

How to Find a Whistleblower Lawyer in Philadelphia PA?

Our team at the Whistleblower Advocacy Group has helped thousands of whistleblowers across Pennsylvania, including those from Philadelphia. If you want to find out if we can assist you, please contact us today.

Why Choose The Whistleblower Advocates for your Whistleblower Case?

Our attorneys at The Whistleblower Advocates have successfully handled hundreds of cases involving whistleblowers. If you want to know if you qualify as a whistleblower, we’ve got answers for you. Call us today.

Qui Tam Law Facts About Whistleblowing

If you think you may be eligible for whistleblower protection under the False Claims Act (FCA), you should contact us right away. Our team has experience handling cases involving whistleblowers from all walks of life, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lawyers, and others who believe they were harmed by fraud.

Most Common Misconceptions About Whistleblowing

There are many misconceptions about whistleblowing. For example, some people think they should only report wrongdoing if they know who did it. Others believe that whistleblowers must always come forward publicly. And still others think that whistleblowers should not reveal information that could harm someone else. These myths are often perpetuated by the media, but we want to set the record straight.

Things Every Whistleblower Needs To Know

We’ve seen firsthand the challenges whistleblowers face when they come forward. Our team has helped hundreds of people who want to report wrongdoing but don’t know where to turn. If you’re looking for a place to start, we can connect you with a local organization that supports whistleblowers.

Free Whistleblower Lawsuit Consultation

Call now if you have a whistleblower case to discuss. We’ll set up a free initial legal consultation so that we can determine if you qualify. Our attorneys will review your case and provide advice on how to proceed. All consultations are free, confidential, and calling our experienced Whistleblower Lawsuit team is easy!

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