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To feed your family and yourself, you rely on the income from your employer. Naturally, you believe that what is good for the company you work for is also good for you, in terms of job security, opportunities to advance in the organization, and so on. But what if you find out one day that you're employed for a firm that is purposefully and routinely engaging in illegal or destructive behavior in the pursuit of monetary gains and profit? What do you do now? If you expose your company's misconduct, you risk losing your job, facing retaliation, and being forced to work in a hostile environment. You might even be fired, leaving you jobless and without a reference when you look for new work.

What do you do when you have a potential whistleblower case? You can call The Whistleblower Advocates for a FREE consultation. The Whistleblower Advocates are Philadelphia’s premiere qui tam whistleblower lawyers. When you call, they will help you learn more about filing a qui tam lawsuit BEFORE blowing the whistle.

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Legal Protection for Whistleblowers

Fortunately, there are laws in existence in Pennsylvania and across the United States to safeguard employees who report their employers' wrongdoings. When the United States Government is a victim of the company's misconduct or a government regulation is being broken, a whistleblower is not only protected but also compensated with a portion of any restitution the government collects as a consequence of the information provided by the whistleblower. When faced with such circumstances, you will require legal assistance from an expert lawyer to help you understand the complexity of the law. A qui tam case, a type of civil complaint brought under the federal False Claims Act, is used to accomplish this. In a qui tam lawsuit, a private party, known as a relator, sues the government on its behalf. The government, on the other hand, is the true plaintiff. If the government prevails, the relator is entitled to a portion of the award. When looking for a Philadelphia qui tam whistleblower lawyer, look for someone who has handled both private and government cases.

Reward for Fraud Detection

A qui tam lawsuit allows people with inside information to act as whistleblowers to help the government stop various types of fraud while also rewarding the person for taking on this responsibility, which can be extremely harmful to one's current and future employability, as well as personal security in some cases. Medicaid or Medicare fraud, defense contractor fraud, advertising medications for applications other than those allowed by the FDA, and other types of fraud damage the government. The Department of Justice (DOJ) recovered 3.8 billion dollars in this manner in fiscal year 2013.

The Importance of Choosing the Correct  Attorney for Whistleblowers Qui Tam

Qui tam lawsuits are typically complicated because of how large they can be, and the person initiating the allegations is taking a significant risk in exchange for a potentially large payment. This type of case necessitates the services of a qui tam whistleblower lawyer in Philadelphia, PA that has extensive experience and knowledge in this area. You should not speak to anyone about proof of government fraud or a major violation of a government regulation until you have chosen the correct attorney. Having the appropriate attorney on your side can make a big difference in your qui tam case's chances of success, as well as whether you'll get paid and how much you'll get paid. It's also critical to engage a lawyer and take action as soon as you have proof of misconduct. If you wait too long, you risk losing your right to a part of the award if someone else files the action first. The government will only pay the first person who files a lawsuit.

How To Handle Whistleblower Lawsuits/Qui Tam Actions

If you are considering blowing the whistle to expose a company that is defrauding the government or engaging in activities that are illegal under federal law, The Whistleblower Advocates in Philadelphia offers a free legal consultation to review the evidence you have, inform you of your options, and file a lawsuit on your behalf as soon as possible to preserve your position as the first to bring the case to court. To book an appointment and receive competent legal guidance for a successful qui tam case, call our office at (833) 310-3147 now.

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